Education updates

Once every quarter, during the General Members' Assembly, an update is given about the state of the education and what the commissioners of education are doing. These updates will be posted on this page and further explained.

October 2020.

Guidance lectures

In the first weeks of the academic year, Gezelschap Leeghwater gave guidance lectures for first-year and second-year students. The first-year guidance lecture discussed the start of your student time and what their study will look like. In addition, useful tips were given. The second-year guidance lecture was about the (international) minors and how you, as a TU Delft student, can grow within the study and outside of it. More than a hundred students attended the first-year guidance lecture and the second-year guidance lecture had more than eighty participants.

On Campus study sessions

Week 9 and week 10 are the faculty's education-free weeks. Because the faculty realizes that people like to come out of their houses every now and then and since the faculty would otherwise be empty, they have hosted “On Campus Study Sessions”. Every 3mE student may come to the faculty for two shifts of four hours to study in both weeks. This is how studying at home can be varied with studying together at the faculty from time to time. The reservation is made online, every student has received an email about this.

Exam training Statics

In week 9, Gezelschap Leeghwater organized three Statics exam training courses at the faculty for a total of 78 students. In four hours, all the difficult parts of Statics were covered by a mechanical engineering student. Students indicated that it was useful to repeat everything and were happy that it was at the faculty and not online.

Adjustment of registration period for exams

The registration period for the exams has been adjusted from October 13th. Previously you could register up to 14 days before the exam, after which the post-registrations opened. From the upcoming exam week, the deadline goes to 6 days before the exam. But beware: in the current form, post-registration is no longer possible. If you are late, you will have to wait until the next moment to take the exam.

Online study training

This year, education has been completely overhauled due to the coronavirus. Most of the education takes place from home and behind your screen. It is difficult to stay motivated and focused and that is why an online study training has been organized. This training examines the usefulness of collaboration, even online. We also discussed ways to get structure and routine into your day and to keep studying for longer. The training was ultimately attended by 70 people, so it was a great success!

New master Robotics

Since the start of the new academic year, a new master's degree had been added to the 3mE faculty. It concerns the master Robotics. This year, a hundred students started this new challenge with great enthusiasm. During the master they will specialize in mechanics, computer science, mechatronics, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, control, human-machine systems, ethics and security. this should prepare them for the multidisciplinary world of robotics, where development is taking place for transport, production, energy and medical care. In their careers, robotics will also have to deal with the complex ethical dilemmas that come with robots. They will learn a lot about this during their master's degree. This master also has variety of specializations, such as human-robot interaction, machine perception and the old master track Vehicle Engineering will also become a specialization for this new master.