Meet us

Each year Gezelschap Leeghwater is led by a group of ambitious and enthusiastic Mechanical Engineers that form the board. We will introduce the board of 2019-2020 below. The whole year we are here to help you with all your questions regarding the education. Additionally, the study association aims to broaden and deepen the knowledge of the Mechanical Engineering students and prepare them for their future career by organising a variety of activities. If you have any good ideas or suggestions please let us know! Our doors are always open!

The 153st Board

l.t.r. Jesse Niers, Finnegan Blom, Irene Hooijkaas, Suze van Santen, Rosanne Aartman, Jonathan van Zanten, Sander Schipper.

  • Suze van Santen


    Dear all, my name is Suze and this year I have the job of leading the oldest and best study association known in the Netherlands. In these weird times me and my board will make sure that everything in the association runs smoothly. 21 years ago I was born in Doetinchem, a town on the other side of the country. At a young age I decided I wanted to follow my dad and decided to go to Delft University of Technology. It turned out that Mechanical Engineering was the best choice. During my first year I immediately joined the study association Gezelschap Leeghwater and participated in different committees. In these committees I made the yearbook and last year I organised the Business Tour. This year I will focus on the agenda of the association and will support the Baco, DiesCo and Slurf as their QQ’er. You can always call me for questions or just for some smalltalk!

  • Irene Hooijkaas


    Hi! My name is Irene Hooijkaas. I was born in a small town near Rotterdam, but moved to Delft when I was only six years old. I am currently in my fourth year of studying in Delft. In my second year I have become part of the Slurf magazine. I had a really good time and learnt a lot, which is why I decided to take it to the next level and become part of the Business Tour Committee. This year I will be Gezelschap Leegwhater’s secretary. This means I will be the primary contact of the association, I manage the website and I am responsible for the contents of our archives. Besides that you might see me carrying around an elephant, which I have to protect from everybody who wants to come near him. Apart from these tasks, I will take place in the sports and stunts committee, our all-women committee, the rally committee and the grand tour committee. If you would like to get in touch for any questions, suggestions or any other reasons, you can always go to me. I am looking forward to meeting many of you at our activities!

  • Rosanne Aartman


    Hi! My name is Rosanne Aartman and I was born and raised in Leiden. As a little girl I used to tinker with bicycles with my father. Together with the commissioner external affairs I am responsible for the cashflow. He is responsible for making sure there is money in the bankaccount and I will make sure that it will not be gone in a minute. With innovation as a prospect I will research ways to automate our systems. In prior years I gained experience in joining committies at Gezelschap Leeghwater and other associations. Like joining the business tour committee. What I gained from these experiences I will take with me in my board year and the guidance of the media committee and blue print committee. I hope to see you at the office and make a chat.

  • Finnegan Blom

    Commissioner of Bachelor Education

    Dear students, my name is Finnegan Blom (But please call me Finn) and I have the honour of fulfilling the role of Commissioner of Bachelor Education of the 153th board of Gezelschap Leeghwater. I’m born in a small village called Wilnis (near Amsterdam) and lived there until I moved to Delft. I’m a fourth-year student and this year I’m trying my best to help all the students with their study Mechanical Engineering! To help students with their study I will organize exam training for the most difficult courses and order summaries of several courses that can be bought at our office. However, the most important thing is that I represent the students in several meetings I attend with the faculty and professors. I will make sure the student perspective is always considered. Since the begin of this year I have noticed I cannot do this alone. I need your opinion and feedback to identify points of improvement so we can make sure our education is of top quality. So, if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions about the education, please let me know! You can come be our office, email or send a WhatsApp to 015-278 6501!

  • Jonathan van Zanten

    Commissioner of Master Education

    Dear elephants, my name is Jonathan van Zanten. This year I will be the commissioner for the master education. 21 years ago I was born in our beautiful city Delft but I grew up in the Westland. Here it is a custom that at the age of 15 you buy a broken moped, grab your tool and fix it so at legal age you can drive around on your self-fixed moped. I was so intrigued by this technology that then and there I decided that I wanted to be a mechanical engineer. In the last 3 years there wasn’t a day I regretted this desicion. In my second year I started my Leeghwater-career with the excursion committee. The year after that I did the rally committee.
    As Commissioner of Master Education I will represent the master students in several different meetings to ensure the student perspective is always considered. In addition to that I have the honour of QQ’ing the most fabulous committees of Leeghwater; freshmanweekend committee, 'EOC' committee and the pre-master committee.
    If you have any feedback, tips or points of improvement about the master education, please let me know! You can come by our office or email!

  • Jesse Niers

    Commissioner of Career and Promotion

    Hi! 21 years ago I was born in Eerbeek, a small town in the east of The Netherlands. Because of the technical companies that are located there, I came into contact with technology at an early age. My enthusiasm has led to my choice of Mechanical Engineering. After three years of studying, three committees at Gezelschap Leeghwater and a Bachelor degree,  I will be fully committed to our association this year.  As Commissioner of Career & Promotion, I will be responsible for the promotion, so all members stay informed on all the great events. These activities are organised by our enthusiastic committee members and I will support the Excursion Tour Committee, the Ivoor Committee and the management of our faculty bar: ‘t Lagerhuysch.
    Beside promoting our events, I will also be focussing on the careers of our members by organising ‘De Delftse Bedrijvendagen’. As secretary of the board of the largest technical career events in The Netherlands, I will take on the challenge of connecting a couple of thousand students with companies, despite the current restrictions. As secretary, I will be responsible for the correspondence with these companies and students.  For both Gezelschap Leeghwater and DDB this year will be fantastic. If you have any useful recommendations regarding my tasks or if you need some Indesign shortcuts, you can always drop by for a cup of coffee!

  • Sander Schipper

    Commissioner of External Relations

    Hello everyone, my name is Sander and this year I’ll be the new Commissioner of External Affairs. Born in Hilversum, I have travelled to Sweden and Groningen, before finally settling in Delft. As a kid I was a big fan of Lego and this interest slowly evolved in me studying mechanical engineering. During my studies I have been part of the ‘EOC’ committee and the Excursion Tour committee at Leeghwater. This year I’ll be implementing 1.5 meter versions of our activities, in order to let our members meet interesting companies. I will also act as the secretary of the Delft Career Platform, our online job offer platform, so visit this platform if you’re looking for an internship or job! Furthermore I’ll support our yearbook committee as well as our study & lecture committee. You can always come to my desk for a quick conversation, even when I’m wearing my suit.