Meet us

Each year Gezelschap Leeghwater is led by a group of ambitious and enthusiastic Mechanical Engineers that form the board. We will introduce the board of 2019-2020 below. The whole year we are here to help you with all your questions regarding the education. Additionally, the study association aims to broaden and deepen the knowledge of the Mechanical Engineering students and prepare them for their future career by organising a variety of activities. If you have any good ideas or suggestions please let us know! Our doors are always open!

The 152st Board

V.l.n.r. Floor Redel, Pim van der Velde, Frédérique Oosterbaan, Esmée Mooldijk, Sam Edmonds, Ewoud van Mourik, Feike Tijsma.

  • Esmée Mooldijk


    Dear Elephants! This year it is my job to lead the 152th Board of Gezelschap Leeghwater. As the biggest, oldest and most fun study association we will have a busy year ahead of us, a year to be proud of. I was born 21 years ago in Chester, England. After only eight weeks I moved to the Netherlands. Since then I have lived two years in Durban in South Africa visiting the Elephants. In my sophomore year I decided I didn’t want to be a veterinary, but something more technical. That is how I ended up studying Mechanical Engineering. And of course, also at Leeghwater. At Leeghwater I have had the honour to help write the Yearbook and the Lustrumbook, and organised the Campusrun and the Business Tour. This year I will keep an overview of our association and will support the Excursion Committee, the VIT and ANWDelft. You can always stop by for questions or just for a nice chat and some tea!

  • Frédérique Oosterbaan


    Hey, my name is Frédérique Oosterbaan. I grew up in Bergen NH and this year will be my fifth year as a student Mechanical Engineering. This year I will be the Secretary of the 152th Board of Gezelschap Leeghwater. This position comes with many different tasks and responsibilities. For example, it means that I will be the contact person of the association. I will therefore call and email a lot with members, alumni, Honorary members and other contacts such as the university and other boards. Moreover, I make the minutes at internal meetings, the ALV and COBRA meetings. Moreover, I am in charge of all the archives of Gezelschap Leeghwater and the database of our association. Lastly and most importantly, I protect the Elephant and always keep her at my side. In the previous year I have done several committees Gezelschap Leeghwater and other associations. Last year, for example, I was part of the board of Vereniging-Oud-Leeghwater, the alumni association of Leeghwater. What I have learned during all my committees I will use during my board year and while QQ’ing the Business Tour Committee, the Lecture & Career Committee and the Rally Committee. For questions, remarks or just a chat with a cup of coffee you can always come to me! I am sitting closest to the front desk and the door, so you can’t miss me!

  • Sam Edmonds


    My name is Sam Edmonds, born in London and raised in Amsterdam. Since I was a kid, I was already interested in how machines worked. Mechanical Engineering was therefore the most logical study for me. After three years I can now take a break from studying and will this year be the Treasurer of the 152th Board. Together with the Commissioner of External Affairs I am responsible for the cashflow of the association. While he makes sure we have money, I make sure we don’t spend it all at once. With innovation in my I will work on further automating our systems. Moreover, I will try to implement monthly cashing to make sure members don’t accumulate large bills. In addition, I have to honour of QQ’ing the Almanak, SchakelCie and the Grand Tour Committee. I am sure it will be a fantastic year with my Board and Committee members. See you at the office!!

  • Pim van der Velde

    Commissioner of Bachelor Education

    Dear students, my name is Pim van der Velde. I was born and raised in Rotterdam. I am a fourth-year student and this year I have to honour of fulfilling the role of Commissioner of Bachelor Education of the 152th Board of Gezelschap Leeghwater. I will put a lot of time into our book sale, which will be mostly online this year. To help students with their study I will organize exam trainings for the hard courses and order summaries of several courses that can be bought at our office. However, the most important thing is that I represent the students in several meetings I attend with the faculty and professors. I will make sure the student perspective is always considered. Since the begin of this year I have noticed I cannot do this alone. I need your opinion and feedback to identify points of improvement so we can make sure our education is of top quality. So, if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions about the education, please let me know! You can come be our office, email or send a WhatsApp to 015-278 6501!

  • Ewoud van Mourik

    Commissioner of Master Education

    Hey! My name is Ewoud van Mourik and I am this year’s Commissioner of Master Education. 22 years ago I was born in Atlanta in de United States, but I have lived the last 20 years in the Netherlands. Lego and mostly Lego Mechanic was my favourite toy to play with, so Mechanical Engineering was a logical choice. After studying for three years including a minor in Singapore I can proudly say I have finished my bachelor. In my second year I did my first committee at Leeghwater, the Excursion Committee. After a year full of new experiences and a lot of fun I hadn’t done enough, so last year I was an editor the Almanak. Apparently, I am a bit creative.
    As Commissioner of Master Education I will represent the master students in several different meetings to ensure the student perspective is always considered. Moreover, I am in the Faculty Student Council to represent the students there as well. In addition to that I have the honour of QQ’ing the most fabulous committees of Leeghwater; Mechnificent, the Diesco and the COCie, Leeghwaters newest committee.
    If you have any feedback, tips or points of improvement about the master education please let me know! You can come by our office or email!

  • Floor Redel

    Commissioner of Career and Promotion

    I am Floor and this year I will be the Commissioner of Career and Promotion, previously Commissioner of Public Affairs and Events. I am originally from the beautiful Westland, so I ended up close to home in Delft. The last three years I have studied Mechanical Engineering and gotten my Bachelor Degree. I have gotten my skills as a committee member from the NuCo and the Business Tour Committee. I enjoyed this so much I decided spend a year in an office with only one window. I will mostly focus on the promotion of Leeghwater and her events this year. For all the posters, social media and other promotion you can come to me. Moreover, I will QQ the MediaCo, LoCo and Grand Tour. My other big responsibility is the Board of “De Delftse Bedrijvendagen”. In this Board I am the secretary. Together with four other board members I will organise the next edition of the biggest technical career events of the Benelux. This also I will be the contact for thousands of students and several hundred companies. I will make sure it is another great year for Leeghwater and DDB and try to improve as much as possible. Any suggestion is helpful, so please come by with all your ideas!

  • Feike Tijsma

    Commissioner of External Relations

    Hi! I am Feike Tijsma and this year I will be the Commissioner of External Affairs of the 152th Board. In 1998 I was born in Amsterdam, but I have lived in Hoofddorp almost my whole life. Ever since I was young I have been interested in machines and I had to read something a technical article was my pick over some book. I finished high school when I was 16 years old and started studying in Delft. After living with my parents for my year I moved to Delft. In my third year I came into contact with Gezelschap Leeghwater. Here I did the Mechnificent Committee and the following year became a board member. This year I will make sure all activities can be financed, so you will often see me walking around in my suit. Additionally, I will be the Chairman of the supervisory board of the Delft Career Platform. Besides being in charge of the External Affairs I will also QQ the StuCo, DCP and Slurf. Finally, if you have any questions or just want to chat, come by our office!