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Leeghwater Technology Festival Committee

The study-association of mechanical engineering of the Delft University of Technology: “Gezelschap Leeghwater”, will turn 150 years old in 2017. To celebrate this magnificent age, there will be held a technology festival in front of the Aula and the faculties of 3mE and TNW. The main idea is to give students an insight of the modern mechanical engineering technology, having different companies from different branches, including Start-ups and Dreamteams. The stands will be interactive for the visitors and will have innovative subjects.

The Leeghwater Technology Festival will be organised by six students of "Gezelschap Leeghwater." The main goal is to have 20 companies, 6 Dreamteams and 10 Delft University of Technology projects present at the festival. The festival will be held on the 28 of September 2017, form 12:00 till 18:00. If you want to learn more about this upcoming Technology Festival, email us ( and we will send  the “Partner Brochure” without any obligations.


  • Technology Festival, held on the 28th of september
  • 3 promotion stunts for the promotion of the Technology Festival


Contact person:               Bart van Eeden
Phone number:                               015-2787501
Address organization:   Mekelweg 2, 2628 CD Delft



Nol Römer


Bente ter Borg


Carmen Petsch

Commissioner PR

Sibren Allard

Commissioner Logistics

Frank van Beurden

Commissioner Acquisition

Lucas Hop


Bart van Eeden

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