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EY-Parthenon Strategy afternoon ~FULL~

Locatie: EY-parthenon kantoor, Rederijstraat 5, 3011 XR Rotterdam
Datum:  08 mei 14:00  t/m  19:00  uur

~Deze casemiddag is alleen voor masterstudenten, for masterstudents only~

Do you want to know what opportunities a strategy consultant such as EY-Parthenon has for mechanical engineers?

Wednesday the 8th of may Gezelschap Leeghwater organises with EY-Parthenon the stategy afternoon at the main office of EY-Parhenon in Rotterdam for the top masterstudents.
During this afternoon the participants will get an introduction to EY-parthenon and the business case wich they will work on in teams and present to the other team at the end of the afternoon.
The case is about helping the CEO of an international bakery to identify en optimise opportunities for company growth. You will need to mathematically analyse data of their business model.

After the business case there will be a networking drink with consultants of EY-Parthenon

The main office of EY-Parthenon in Rotterdam is at a 30 minute travel distance with public transportation.

To participate for this event you will have to pass through a selection in wich it is obligatory to hand in your curriculum vitae. These will be sent to Ey-Parthenon who will select 10 students to participate in the strategy afternoon. The selection will be anounced at the end of april.

Sioux CCM

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