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Lunchlezing TWD

Locatie: Collegezaal B
Datum:  02 april 12:30  t/m  13:30  uur

TWD is an engineering company specialized in creating custom-designed tools and structures that allow you to perform transport & installation projects safely and on time. You can regard TWD as your problem solver. The reliable partner that creates functional and creative solutions, regardless of the time frame, or the complexity of the challenge. Our goal is to reinforce your project team’s capabilities and complement them where required, so we can together achieve a successful project execution.
Our thorough knowledge of structural and mechanical engineering, hydro-dynamics, finite element methods and design for offshore conditions, enables us to develop the optimal solutions that meet the wide variety of your demands.
Besides the development of practical installation methods and the design of the required tools, TWD engineers can assist during the procurement, fabrication and mobilization phase. This approach allows us to shorten the required lead times, properly integrate the contributions of different subcontractors and assure that our constructions will function as intended.

Sioux CCM

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