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Lunchlezing Prodrive

Locatie: Collegezaal A
Datum:  20 november 12:30  t/m  13:45  uur

"Prodrive Technologies is the place where students can grow into abitious technology-driven experts. Our company has around a 1000 employees of which approximately 20% are students!
Our innovative company believes in the power of the new generation and knows that it’s important to keep a fresh mind when it comes to innovation. Next to being young of mind, we welcome new talent with open arms. The average age of our employees is 28, which does not come as a surprise since 33% of our workers are younger than 25.
We embrace students in our working culture by giving you lots of responsibilities and guiding you in your growth plan. As a student there are a lot of different options for you to join us and we accept students from all studies you can think of."

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