News May 2nd


Leeghwaters God-elephant
Deegawapi, the associations god-elephant, was released back into the wild last March. We are very happy to hear that our elephant is now mature enough to live among the wild elephants again after 7 years in the elephant orphanage. Her caretakers described her as frolic and she took care of the younger elephants. At the moment she is still wearing a collar, so she can be tracked and monitored for a year. After that she is really free. 

Now that Deegawapi has been released, it is time for us to adopt a new elephant. We chose Rob, a little elephant who lives in the orphanage in Sri Lanka. He was born last September en discoverd in poachers trap when he was only a few weeks old. Now, after some time in the elephant hospital, he is fully recoverd and moved to the orphanage.