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The 151st Board

Gezelschap Leeghwater is led each year by a group of enthusiastic mechanical engineers on the board.Those who are for the academic year 2018-2019 can be found here. We are ready throughout the year to help you with all the problems concerning education. In addition, we try to give the Association the best possible practical interpretation of the study in order to broaden and deepen the knowledge of Mechanical Engineers. So if you have any good ideas or comments, do not hesitate to drop by to share this with us while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Our door is always open for the students!


Job Schouten - Chairman


Dear elephants! After the beautiful lustrum year, I have the task of leading the 151th board of Gezelschap Leeghwater. This year will be a year of innovation. There is no student association in the world that is as old, big and beautiful as ours and we are proud of that.

I was born 23 years ago in Vlaardingen. I always thought technology was interesting, but decided to study medicine first. My way eventually led to the beautiful Delft where I have been enjoying myself for three years now. In recent years I have worked for the University Tour and then for all first-year students with the freshmenweekend Committee.

This year I am ultimately responsible for all activities that are organized. In addition to overseeing these activities, I actively participate in the LoopCommissie and the Activities and Course Committee as QQ'er. I will also ensure that this year is innovated within the association and it is my job to thoroughly evaluate everything.

I have always had a lot of fun from organizing activities that teach students more than what the curriculum teaches them, and want to pass that baton to other students.After all, Delft supplies the best engineers in the Netherlands. My desk is almost in front and I am always in for a cup of coffee and a good story!

Helène Blok - Secretary 


I am Helène Blok, raised in Heiloo and at the beginning of this year on my third year at this beautiful study. This year I will fulfill the position of Secretary within the 151th board. In the past my favorite animal was always a guinea pig, but now I have switched to the elephant. I also did not know exactly what I wanted to study here, but I really wanted to go to Delft.

As a secretary I have a multitude of tasks. I am the first contact of the association, which means that I telephone a lot and mail with members, former members, honorary members and external parties like other boards and the university. I also take note of all internal meetings, the GMM and COBRA meetings. In addition, I am responsible for all the association's archives, both those in the faculty and the municipal archives. I also manage the members database, for both the bachelor, master and alumni members. Finally, one of my most important tasks, I protect the elephant and I never deviate from his side.

In the years before I gained committee experience at Gezelschap Leeghwater and at other associations. This is how I did the Rally Committee and the board of Vereniging Oud-Leeghwater last year. I will take what I have learned here in my board year and the QQ of the Business Tour & Case Committee de Slurf Redactie. I will also once again join our alumni association, Vereniging Oud Leeghwater.

For questions, comments or just a nice chat while enjoying a cup of coffee you can always contact me! I am closest to the door and desk, so do not miss it!

Victor van der Drift - Treasurer


My name is Victor van der Drift. I was born and raised in Zoetermeer, not far from Delft. If you wonder, my mother is Surinamese and my father is partly Indonesian. As a young boy, I always wanted to be a pilot, until I became fascinated with all kinds of machines. From Transformers to the real Mechanical Engineering.

As treasurer of the 151 th board I am responsible for the entire accounting and financial aspects of the association. Together with the External Relations Commissioner, I ensure that the association has sufficient income to organize all the activities that Gezelschap Leeghwater has to offer. In addition, I work closely with my co-boardmembers to achieve each person's specific and personal goals for the year. I think communication is very important and I am confident that this is going to work out well. In addition to my position as treasurer, I am also active and I guide Mechnificent and I will be the only man in the Women In Technology Committee. In our faculty café 't Lagerhuysch I will also be available regularly because I was in that board last year. Finally I will also guide the enthusiastic first years bartendercommittee IvooCo.

As treasurer of the Lagerhuysch and as chairman at the Charity Run Committee, I have already gained some experience with the various tasks that I have. I also organized the first surfing trip in my second year of winter sports. This year, however, everything will accelerate, I'm going to take all old-fashionedness out of our system and innovate a lot. We make a fantastic year with our committee members. To the office!

Geertje Neijmeijer - Commissioner of Bachelor Education


Dear all, I am Geertje and I am from Nuenen, a village near Eindhoven. In 2015 I started studying mechanical engineering and then immediately came into contact with Gezelschap Leeghwater during the freshmenweekend. In my first year I immediately started to do a committee. For example, I did the Sports and Stunt Committee and in the following years the freshmenweekend Committee and the Business Tour & Case Committee.

This year I will represent the student's voice within the faculty by holding the position of Commissioner of Bachelor Education within the 151 st board of Gezelschap Leeghwater. This makes my job's responsibilities pretty broad, but the most important thing is that I keep a sharp eye on the Bachelor's degree program. For both the student and the teacher I am the main contact for complaints and comments in the Bachelor's. 

I will also take part in many teaching and faculty consultations. For example, I represent students in, among other things, the program committee for mechanical engineering, the O & S Work Consultation, panels with quality assurance and discussions with the education and study program director. I am also responsible for the book sales of all bachelor books. In addition, next year I will supervise the Yearbook committee, Lecture & Career Committee and the Rally committee.

I am close to the entrance to the office and often act as a point of contact for the people who walk into the office. So do you have questions, comments or complaints about education? I do not like coffee, but I like to drink a tea once to spruce up ideas. If you can not come through the office you can always Whatsapp me at 0152787501 or email !

Bob van der Windt - Commissioner of Master Education


Hello all! My name is Bob van der Windt and I was born and raised in the picturesque Vlaardingen. This year I will fulfill the position of Commissioner of Master Education in the board. In my free time I like to work on numerous technical projects, for example, I have repaired several mopeds, built a 3D printer and am now working on renovating a Volkswagen Beetle, my absolute favorite car!

In my position I am the representative of all Master's students at our faculty. I take place in numerous consultations and I also sit on the faculty student council. In this way I try to make education as good as possible for all students.

For this I have done several committees within Gezelschap Leeghwater. For example, I have been an editor in the Slurf and I have been able to dedicate myself to the realization of the artwork has been placed in front of our faculty.

If you have any questions, ideas, complaints or comments about education, do not hesitate and mail to! In addition, I am always in for a nice cup of coffee!

Tessa Talsma - Commissioner Promotional Affairs and Events


I am Tessa Talsma and I fulfill the role of Commissioner Promotional Affairs and Events within the board. I was born in America, but I grew up in Eindhoven. I am not your typical Mechanical Engineer and therefore ended up at this beautiful faculty through a small detour to Architecture. In the meantime I have been at my place at TU Delft for three years now.

My bachelor is almost finished, but this year I am going to dedicate myself for a year to all promotional resources that the association has. You will find my work in posters, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and all other media resources. And together with the Media Commission I will inform as many people as possible about the wide range of events that the Association has to offer. I will also take a seat on the board of De Delftse Bedrijvendagen, where I fulfill the function of Secretary. Together with this board I will organize the largest technical career event of the Benelux. Three thousand students will be brought into contact with hundreds of companies to give them more insight into life after the study.

I am always open to new suggestions and how something can be improved, so come to me with all your great ideas! I am confident that I will set a great year together with my board and all members!

Pierre-Antoine Denarié - Commissioner External Affairs


Hello everyone! I am Pierre-Antoine, and this year I will be the Commissioner External Affairs of the 151th board.

I grew up in Johannesburg, far from home, but then lived in Drenthe. When I realized that I loved Lego, I wanted to study Mechanical Engineering. And where is that better than in the beautiful Delft. I found my spot after three years. In my first year, I quickly came into contact with Gezelschap Leeghwater. Here I successively took part in committees like the Ivooco, the First-year Support Committee, in my second year the Freshmenweekend Committee, and in my third year I was allowed to work in the Association Old-Leeghwater and I also helped in the Media Committee. A real Leeghwater tiger, as we call it.

With my smooth chat and smooth talk, I will ensure that enough acquisition is brought in to make all our broadening activities this year possible. Think of lunch lectures, excursions, the freshmenweekend and so on. I therefore work very closely with my treasurer Victor, together with him we are the men of the money! What is going to be a big new challenge for me, is that I am on the Supervisory Board of our online platform; the Delft Career Platform. This is a website that has only existed since last year, where all kinds of companies can post vacancies. I will also work together with my six co-boardmembers for another year of all kinds of beautiful memories. 

In addition to my own position, I will supervise the DiesCommissie and Lagerhuysch board this year. Further. If you have any further questions, come and have a cup of coffee at the office!

Sioux CCM

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