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The 150th Board

Each year a new enthusiastic group of 7 people step up to take place in the board. This year is different. We celebrate our 150th anniversary, so there is an eighth board member, Commissioner Lustrum. The 150th board of Gezelschap Leeghwater will be on attention to help you with all problems concerning education. Other than that Gezelschap Leeghwater also tries to add to the knowledge of our members by organising for example symposia, cases and study trips. If you have any new ideas or other comments please feel free to come by the office and discuss them with us.

Jordi Wijlens - Chairman


Hello everyone! My name is Jordi Wijlens. I have the honor to be the chairman of the 150th board of Gezelschap Leeghwater. This year will be a year like never before. There is no study association in the world as big, old and beautiful as ours. We are very proud of this and the 150th birthday will be celebrated extensively! Next to this, I will be responsible for all the activities that are organized throughout the year. Not only will I supervise all projects, I will also actively participate as a member of the Business Tour and Case Committee and the Campus Run Committee. After having arrived in Delft in 2013, my first contact with Leeghwater was through the University Tour Committee. I have always enjoyed organizing events that bring students more than what the standard curriculum offers them. Delft produces the best engineers in Holland, and it should stay that way! Leeghwater is there for everyone, so come by! My desk is hidden in the corner, but find me and I’m always in for a cup of coffee or a sip of our favorite drink, Elephant’s gin!

Nina Ruig - Secretary 


I'm Nina Ruig, I grew up in Amsterdam and start my fourth year at Mechanical Engineering in Delft this year. I am the Secretary of the 150th board. As secretary I have a lot of different tasks. I'm the contact person of the association, which means that I make a lot of phone calls, emails and letters. Furthermore I minute in all board meetings and general meetings. Also, I have the responsability for the archives. We have one in the faculty and a department in the municipality archive. In addition I manage the memebers-database, so if you need any help concerning your memebership, feel free to ask me! Last but not least, my most inportant task: I'm protector of the elephant.

In the years before I gained a lot of experience in different comittees, at Leeghwater but also at other associations. I shall use everything I learned the past years in my year as a boardmember.

If you have any questions, remarks or just if you just have the need to chit-chat, don't be afraid to swing by. I'm the closest to the counter and the door, so I'm easy to spot.  

Tycho van der Zijden - Treasurer


My name is Tycho van der Zijden. As Treasurer of the 150th Board, I am responsible for the entire accounting and financial aspects of the association. Together with the Commissioner of External Affairs, I ensure that the association has sufficient income to organize all activities that Leeghwater is rich. In addition, I work closely with my fellow executives to achieve everyone's job specific and personal goals for the year. In addition to my role as treasurer. In addition, I support Mechnificent, the biggest student party in Delft, with their activity, as well as the Grand Tour Committee.

As Treasurer of the Rally and Commissioner of External Affairs at the Business Tour and Case Committee, I have gained some experience with the various tasks I have. This year, however, everything will be accelerated. With the biggest celebration of our anniversary that Leeghwater has ever seen, there is a huge amount of work to take care of. With my friends of the 150th Board we will make this year great! See you in the office!

Deanne van der Slikke - Commissioner of Bachelor Education


Hi everyone, my name is Deanne and this year I will be representing the Bachelor students within the faculty as Commissioner of Bachelors education of the 150th board of Gezelschap Leeghwater. In the year 2014 I started studying Mechanical Engineering and became acquainted with Gezelschap Leeghwater during the first year’s weekend at the start of the year. The following years I took place place in several committees.

My first task is to keep track of the quality of the study and the separate courses. Students can come to me in case of complaints or remarks on a course or teacher. Furthermore I take place in several meetings with the faculty and educational team in order to keep track of changes and to represent the voices of the students. Besides I am responsible for the sale of Bachelor books.

If you have any questions or remarks please come to the office of send an email to!

Coen Bakker - Commissioner of Master Education


I'm Coen Bakker, I grew up in North-Holland and started the world's most beautiful study in 2014. Along with the best study in the world, comes the oldest study association of the Netherlands. Next year, I fulfill the position of Commissioner of Education Master within the 150th Board of the Gezelschap Leeghwater.

The function is relatively new, but offers many opportunities for Gezelschap Leeghwater and Education. The student numbers continue to grow and hence the Masters. In order to maintain the quality, I take part in the various Education Committees, and I have a seat in the Faculty Student Council. From these two positions, I try to steer the Master Education

If you have any questions, ideas, complaints or comments about education, do not hesitate and mail to!

Milan Izarin - Commissioner Promotional Affairs and Events


I’m Milan Izarin, I grew up in Warschau when I eventually moved to Driebergen in the Netherlands when I was 8. After I finished my high school in 2013 I moved to Delft to begin my studies in Mechanical Engineering. I completed my Bachelor last year and I took a one year brake of studying to become the Commissioner Promotional Affairs and Events of the 150th board of Leeghwater. I will be responsible for all promotion of Leeghwater, this includes Facebook, Snapchat, posters and all other media channels.

Furthermore I’m also the secretary of ‘De Delftse Bedrijvendagen’ Board, which will organise multiple career events for over 3000 students and 150 companies.

Finally I will also guide three committees: the ChickaCo, Media Committee and the Symposium Committee which will all have a big part in making this special anniversary a big success.

Jan Horsthuis - Commissioner External Affairs


'Hi everyone! My name is Jan Horsthuis, and this year I will be the Commissioner External Affairs of the 150st board of Gezelschap Leeghwater. This year I will make sure our activities for our students can take place by working together with all kinds of technical companies. Think of lunch lectures, excursions, cases and so on. Together with Tycho, our treasurer, we make sure everything goes right with the financial aspect of our association.

Another big challenge this year is our brandnew platform, the Delft Career Platform. This is a website which is launched this year where companies can place all sorts of vacancies for students of the TU Delft. Also, together with my other seven board members, we will make sure there will be small and big activities to celebrate our 150st birthday.

I chose to study in Delft, but before that, I grew up in a small village in Twente. And to the present day, I still don’t regret I made this choice. Immediately in my first year I came in contact with Gezelschap Leeghwater. Here I started as a bartender at our faculty bar ‘Het Lagerhuysch’, after that I took place in the Excursion Committee where we organised several excursions and a weeklong studytrip to Italy. In my third year I took place in the parttime board of ‘De Delftse Bedrijvendagen’ where I helped organising this big event.

In addition to my own function this year I will be mentor of the FuCo, StuCo and the Slurf editors. Also together with Nina and Jordi are we responsible for our alumni relations, because we form the Vereniging Oud Leeghwater. If you have any further questions, stop by at our office and we’ll have a coffee!

Klaas Koerten - Lustrum Commissioner


Hi! My name is Klaas and I am the lustrum commissioner this year. Back in 2014 I arrived in the big booming city of Delft. I did not want to get bored too much, so I decided to spend the last three years of my bachelor organising some activities for Gezelschap Leeghwater. I helped creating the yearbook, organised a week long journey to several companies in Italy and finally, I became one of the editors of the ‘Slurf’, the magazine of Gezelschap Leeghwater.

But is all has only just begun. Gezelschap Leeghwater is almost 150 years old and this elephantastic birthday cannot go by unnoticed. As the lustrum commissioner, it is my responsibility to make as much people know what Gezelschap Leeghwater is and what is does. To make this all happen, a lot of activities and projects, that would normally not have occurred, have been initiated. These activities include a Technology Festival, a Ball and a lustrum week that is filled with lots of educational, social and fun activities. Last but not least, I am responsible for the promotion of Gezelschap Leeghwater together with Milan Izarin. We will make this happen by using posters, flyers and online posts in the new Leeghwater-promotion-style. There will also be lots of innovative, mechanical engineering-related lustrum gadgets that can be picked up for free at the Leeghwater- office. So if you have any questions about the lustrum itself, if you’re looking for the latest gadget, or if you just want to get to know me better, don’t hesitate to stop by at my desk!



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